Transparency, Truth and Trust Between Managers and Boards

By Karen Arena, CMCA
2017 Resolutions – Transparency, Truth and Trust

There are times when board members work independently of the manager, and without recourse. When this happens, the community loses all faith in its leadership, and maybe a whole lot more.

That’s why it’s so important to keep the sun shining on your activities as an elected board member.

Be Transparent – As much as possible, use the regular meetings to conduct the business of the community. Working meetings are completely acceptable, just as long as no votes/decisions are made, minutes are kept, and they are available for membership review. This shows that the board is operating with utmost transparency. Not everything needs to be discussed in a closed or an executive session.

Be Truthful – If you have to conduct business in an emergency or executive session, relay that information to the members truthfully. I was recently at an annual meeting where owners wanted to discuss individual assessments. Members are reasonable when you share the parameters by which you can and can’t share personal or sensitive information. Being truthful with owners goes a long way.

Be Trustworthy – Work every day to maintain and gain the trust of your members. At Sterling, our highest priority is excellent service to our clients and their communities. They deserve nothing less, and if you follow the two rules before this, you’ll be trusted by the community to work and do the right thing on their behalf.

Resolve – You’ll conduct the business of the association in the sunlight, take the work seriously and share information broadly with the people who’ve entrusted you to lead.

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