The Role of The Property Manager

By Karen Arena, CMCA

As agents for the homeowner associations and commercial properties we manage in New Jersey, the Sterling property manager is often seen by owners as the full decision-makers for the properties we serve. Nothing can be further from the truth.

As much as a property manager has influence, he or she has no authority without the consent of the Association’s board of trustees. Whether its to enforce new rules and regulations or to hire contractors, the decision is never ours. Presenting to the Board smart thinking, advice and counsel is our key objective, but in the end, they make all of the decisions regarding your community.

Our property managers are extremely hands-on and expert at seeing around corners for your community. We do our best to guide Boards to be fiscally responsible, to adhere to association By-laws, to be transparent with owners, and most importantly, to have the whole community’s best interests in mind.

Through our Concierge Services, we provide our clients with trade professionals that have gone through our vetting process, are fully licensed and insured, and are some of the most professional in their trade. When our clients use our suggested and approved tradesmen, complaints are rare.

Associations are bound by the community’s By-laws, each having very specific rules and regulations to which the community must adhere. Some are simple, others extremely complex. A keen understanding of your By-laws is a great way for you to understand the constraints and freedom by which your Association works. If you own a property in which Sterling manages, and you don’t have a copy of your Association By-laws or rules, then please contact us at

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