Don’t Let Your Maintenance Issues Slow Down Your Summer

Summer is finally here and as always, moving along very quickly. As you enjoy time outside, those projects and plans you had intended to undertake in April seem like an impediment to your summer plans

Whether it is power washing the patio, painting the deck or just cleaning up, it’s on your brain and not really what you want to be spending your time doing. We know how these projects can take away from your summer time fun, so we’re here to help with some tips and suggestions to make the most of the long, leisure summer days.

Set aside time to assess what is truly necessary to do to make your home or condo a hub of entertainment, enjoyment and relaxation.

Divide what is easily accomplished and tackle those projects first. Whether it’s cleaning up the patio or terrace. or washing the lawn furniture, it will take you little time for a lot of return on the investment.

Then. decide whether those larger projects should be done by you or a professional landscaper, maintenance expert, carpenter or mason.

Give our Concierge Services a call to schedule a maintenance assessment on the more complicated jobs that have been on the “to do” list a lot longer than you’d like to admit – our team will work with you on scheduling the most convenient times to get them done, and in the meantime, you can enjoy those burgers on the grill, long walks on the boardwalk, summer concerts and the great New Jersey shore!

Happy 4th of July from the associates at Sterling Property Management!

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