What are the benefits of professional management by Sterling?

faqSterling provides associations and commercial developments with the professional services and personal attention that are required to cost-efficiently manage the well-being of the community.

Our full-time involvement enables association boards to manage and run their properties smoothly. Recognizing that almost all boards are run on a volunteer basis and cannot spend full time on management, Sterling’s high quality and dedicated management provides associations with the time and attention needed to achieve successful operations.

Sterling assists boards in making informed decisions regarding their property. In addition, Sterling works with credentialed, licensed and insured vendors to bring clients the most qualified professionals in construction, maintenance, landscaping and financial services. We handle total supervision to make sure work is conducted properly and completed on time.

How is Sterling different from other management firms?

Because Sterling is smaller than some other firms, we are able to personally commit and devote our time to focus on delivering unparalleled results for our clients. Since its re-launch in 2003, Sterling has grown substantially, a strong testimony to the company’s outstanding reputation and quality management.

Who will actually be handling our account if we sign with Sterling?

The Sterling manager who initially meets with the association board will be the Sterling member that handles the property. This way the client gains—in addition to credentials and qualifications—an immediate sense of personality and likability.

For a community association, how is the initial transition handled?

Associations contracting with Sterling can rest assured that their involvement in management company transition to Sterling will be seamless. Sterling conducts all of the necessary interactions with the previous management company so the board does not have to become involved in any transitional activities.

Once Sterling is designated the official property manager, we work with the previous management company to obtain all community files. All budget, payment and financial records are transferred to our offices, scanned and securely kept on behalf of the association.

We then conduct a full site inspection with the board and agree upon a schedule of property activities. We send a letter to all homeowners, informing them of the management company change and providing them with the new contact and payment information.

Will the board lose control?

While Sterling is the property management company, the board retains full control of the property and continues to make decisions on behalf of the community. Sterling’s role is to serve the board and take direction from its members. In some cases, where Sterling has been given explicit authority to make management decisions without prior board approval, we work as agents of the board.

Will the board have to put in as much time?

Sterling prides itself on making sure that the board’s responsibilities remain as simple as possible. We dedicate ourselves to minimizing the amount of time the board spends on making community decisions and resolving community issues. When we contract with a new association, we attend the scheduled board meetings, typically monthly or quarterly, required both to manage the community properly and to expedite work within an acceptable time frame.

Between board meetings, Sterling’s management team stays in constant contact with members of the board through telephone calls and e-mail.

How Does Sterling handle emergencies for its clients?

Sterling has a 24-hour answering system that association members can call in case of emergency. The message is instantly routed to our management team and follow-up is immediate. If urgent action is required, the Sterling manager will resolve the problem or contact board members, authorities and/or vendors to inform them of the situation. If necessary, the Sterling manager travels to the site to oversee the situation and problem resolution.

Will costs be reduced over a period of time?

Because Sterling manages multiple properties and works with a core group of vendors, we are in a position to save our clients money on a variety of maintenance contracts and professional services. Sterling works with vendors to negotiate the best prices on behalf of its clients. We have consistently been able to save money for associations, developments and properties through our involvement in the communities in which associations are located.

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